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Hello! My name is Mai. I'm an Occupational Therapist with a passion for creative visual imagery and 25 years of photography experience.  I believe working closely with people of wide ranging physical abilities and backgrounds  has afforded me a mindful perspective of the human condition, and a unique prism with which I view people and the world around me


I am moved by light and how it illuminates, but mostly how it can reveal depth by obscuring things in shadows. I will always be fascinated by the way light attaches to certain curves and faces. I celebrate life's dualities - the marvelous in the mundane; the complexities in simplicity. 


The photographer Marc Riboud said, "Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second". It has always been my goal to be able to hold on to these ephemeral moments that make up our lives. This is what Pixeroo is about.


Love, laughter, joy, sorrow, celebrations, loss, depth, and levity- beauty in all its incarnations. This is everything I want to capture in my photography. I want to reflect back what I see in people, in situations, in places- and always, I want to be able to say- 

    This is how I see you, and it's beautiful. 

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